How we add value

1. Getting to know our clients / initial discovery meeting

  • How you would like to be advised and looked after.
  • Understanding your personal / family / business objectives.
  • Explaining how we can help you meet your objectives.
  • Explaining what and how we get paid if we work together.

2.  Detailed analysis

  • If we can work together, then we get a more in depth understanding of your objectives, hopes / fears, concerns, attitude to risk etc.
  • We collate all the relevant information of your existing affairs to be able to do a detailed assessment of your current financial position, policies and investments.


3.  Research and report

  • We then get up-to-date information on all the investments and policies.
  • We liaise where appropriate with banks, Providers etc.
  • Construct a report that summarises your current position, objectives, any shortfalls between the two and some strategies for consideration in bridging any gaps.

4.  Strategy Meeting

  • We then discuss the options with you and explain the rationale for our recommendations.
    We answer all your queries and help you make informed decisions.
    We then prioritise the actions to be taken.

5.  Implementation meeting

  • Having agreed the strategy, we then make specific recommendation as to how this can be best implemented.
  • We provide and assist with the completion of all the relevant documentation.
  • We collate and submit the paperwork to the relevant organisations.
  • We track and follow through the actions of the products / investments.


Contact Us:

Tel: 01792 473347   Email:

69, Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 4QA.